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PART A: Details of the Complainant

PART B: The Scheme

PART C: Issue a Complaint Against Trustee

PART D: Issue a Complaint Against Sponsor

PART E: Issue a Complaint Against Manager/Custodian

PART F: This Complaint ever Reported before?

PART G: Previous Proceedings

Have there been any Court or Industrial Court proceedings in connection with this dispute?

Has this dispute been referred to an arbitration process under the Arbitration Act or other process?

Has this dispute been referred to any other regulatory body or Tribunal apart from the Authority?

**Attach copies of all documents and pleadings presented and the judgement or decision made by the court, tribunal or arbitrator.**

Facts Relating to the Compliant

Please clearly and concisely explain the complaint or dispute, giving dates and what you think should be done to put matters right. It is mandatory that you enclose copies of all relevant correspondence or documents in your possession related to this complaint that may assist us in addressing the complaint. E.g. evidence of your membership to the scheme such as copy of pay slip or member statement.

You do not have to use this space. If you wish you may complete a separate sheet, typed if possible. If using handwriting, please write clearly and in black ink (as with the rest of this form). Then attach it below.

PART I: Details of Representatives (If Any)

Do you wish the RBA to correspond with this representative instead of with you?

PART J: Signature

***..Please note that copies of this form and any enclosures or papers received from you will be sent for comment to the people or bodies that you have named as respondents.***

If signed by the representative, please enclose evidence of authority